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Punch Tebow App Stats

We have some impressive numbers to share with fans of the Punch Tebow app. Here are the app stats in just 3 weeks:

  • Number of countries where app is used: 46
  • Number of cities where app is used: 2925
  • Top US city with most app visits: Denver
  • Top international city with most app visits: Toronto
  • Number of times Tebow ‘punched’ by users: 435,940

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It’s Punch Tebow time!

The Broncos are about to take on the Patriots tonight in a playoff showdown, and what better way to prepare for the game then to pull out your Punch Tebow app!

The Tebow fans hate the app, and have rated it as such in the App Store. If you like the app, take a few moments to at least give the app a rating, and if you have a few more minutes, write a small review. Go here to rate and write a quick review.

We appreciate the support, and have fun with the app!

Punch Tebow launches on the Apple App Store

It’s officially here! The Punch Tebow app for iPhone is now available in the App Store. After 2 days, we are seeing great download numbers, so keep sharing the app with your friends on Facebook!

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